Playing the Sanity Game in our daily lives is about adding measurable value

As you begin to win the Sanity Game, you remove the actions, activities, and people who decrease value

There is no reason to have insanity in your workplace or your life. Insanity increases the hours needed to complete your work, the cost to employ people, the costs to do business, the level of unwanted turnover, and creates a toxic environment no one wants to work in.
The Sanity Game is grounded in rational behaviors and thinking. Change the environment, your company, your culture and your results by winning the Sanity Game.


Chris Moses is an engaging professional who has spent more than 20 years assisting companies as small as one person to Wal- Mart. His coaching clients consist of professionals ranging from entry level to CEOs. He follows the one-size-fits-one philosophy to increase top and bottom line, provide career guidance, and consult with global organizations.