Many times, the best second opinion, best career development, and best honest feedback comes from outside of your organization. There tends to be two times you hunger for the outside coaching connection:

You have achieved personal success, things are working; however:

  • There is a greater step of next level, for you or your organization
  • You need the outside view to re-energize
  • The time to shake up your career or organization has come
  • Due to success, the time has come for a new adventure

Things are not working too well, tie to breakthrough the brick wall holding you back, you:

  • Require assistance with deliverables that will help you shine
  • Are ready to lead of lead better, but have not made much progress
  • Have ventured into a foreign topic, needing expertise
  • Need to change the culture and programs

While there are multiple options to follow, we provide three:

Top Secret one-on-one engagement, completely behind the scenes

  • Monthly calls or face-to-face meetings
  • Review your work and make recommendations
  • Direct and honest feedback
  • 911 callas to your coach in times of dire needs

Team Development

  • Work directly with your team to improve dynamics and culture
  • Review team’s work product and overall program effectiveness
  • Provide tools that streamline processes and show how to create your own

A Day of Sanity

  • One day, group setting, reviewing your organization statistics and change opportunities
  • One month of ongoing development with key employees or leaders
  • Multiple activities and training to increase organization value